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Disingenuous and Misleading Op-Ed in NYTimes About Prospects for Lawyers

This op-ed, by the Dean of Case Western Law School, which is ranked somewhere in the mid 60s, putting it in the lower half of Tier 1 schools, is grossly disingenuous and self-serving.

First off, let me get right into it by attacking his school directly: Of the 2011 graduates of Case Western Law, only 67% are in positions that require a law degree, and a full 15% are unemployed. This is nearlytwice the October 2012 national average of 7.9%.

Additionally, examination of the statistics on Case Western Law's employment page reveals that the vast majority of employed graduates are in small firms, business or government. These are the precise jobs that Mr. Mitchell points out pay $60-80,000 a year. If you graduate with $125,000 in debt, a full $18,000 a year comes out of your post-tax income, and such payments are non-deductible. Now we are talking about the reality that for the lucky ones who do have jobs, they are making from $42-62,000 a year. That just doesn't seem worth it, es…