Charles Carreon: Plot Thickens as Internet Collectively Realizes He Has a Pretty Serious Disciplinary History

Tl;dr Lawyer Charles Carreon, representing himself pro se against theOatmeal's Matt Inman, the American Cancer Society and National Wildlife Foundation (good luck with that), apparently has a pretty serious history of being censured by the courts for misconduct. I therefore nominate him Jack Thompson 2.0.

According to Wikipedia:
In October 2005, Carreon was suspended by the Oregon State Bar for 60 days for the unlawful practice of law and failing to deposit or maintain client funds in trust.[11] In September 2006, Carreon was also suspended for two years by the State Bar of California, stayed, and placed on two years of probation with an actual 60-day suspension for violating his duty to maintain client funds in trust, and for practicing without a license in Canada.[12]
Please note that these are not trifling matters. It is drilled into your head constantly in law school that mishandling client funds is just about the worst thing a lawyer can do, short of lying to a tribunal or straight up committing felonies. It is understandable that one could mess up... but twice, for the same charge? This is less excusable, particularly in the added presence of a censure for practicing without a license in not one, but two jurisdictions. I think the top comments on reddit pretty accurately summarize the situation:
callipygian1 144 points 1 hour ago
as a retired lawyer, i know we have many assh*les in our profession, but damn few wikipedia-grade assh*les.

BaconCat 30 points 50 minutes ago
I propose a new classing system for assh*les, with wikipedia-grade assh*les being the top tier.

At this point, it is safe to say that the internet has officially labeled Charles Carreon a "Wikipedia Grade Assh*le." Can this somehow make it into his Wikipedia entry?


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