Note on LLC Publication Requirements in New York State

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Recently, I was forwarded this blog post by a colleague.

In summary, these guys are starting a service that lets you order coasters with photos from your instagram account. Seems like a great idea and
I wish them the best of luck and success. However, they have included a pretty serious legal error in their advice.

Fundamentally, they suggest that by forming an LLC in Delaware, you can circumvent the New York State LLC Publication Requirement. This is 100% false. No matter where your LLC is formed, if it is DBINY, you have to publish, as well as apply for an "Application for Authority."

The New York Secretary of State Guide to forming a New York LLC is here.

Citizen's Media Law Project has a pretty good looking checklist here. Please note, I have not fully checked the veracity of this checklist, but, upon first glance, it looks pretty thorough. As always, read my disclaimer.

Though I've never used their service, so cannot offer an opinion about the quality of their service, these guys seem to have pretty good prices for LLC Publication.

So, in conclusion, beware of relying on advice from the internet from legal matters, this author included. However, especially so from people who are not lawyers, no matter how well intentioned and otherwise awesome they are.


  1. I had a bad experience with Brodsky along with some of my colleagues. I've been using Interstate Filings for both formation and publishing services. Good service and price.


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