Gmail, Why Do You Choose to Spite Me So?

I used to do a lot of front end development, so I find bad user controls to be particularly vexing. I doubt this makes me special, as it probably annoys most other humans, too. However, some things just pop off the page at me. The below is one of them.

Gmail, despite the fact that it is my lifeblood, is a frequent perpetrator of bad UI. This is often exacerbated by the fact that Gmail loves to push interface changes on its users without warning, explanation, and frequently without the ability to undo. I understand the necessity of this, but sometimes they get something infuriatingly wrong. Like this:
This is an image from my Gmail user pane (yes, everything of mine is space themed -- wanna fight about it?) where there used to be a button that allowed me to scroll to the second page of my Inbox. It looked rather like this:
In fact, I can get to those controls by clicking on the words "1-25 of many", which transports me to another Inbox view. However, from my default Inbox view itself, there is simply no way I can get to the second page of emails. I can think of reasons why someone might argue that this interface change is obvious, intuitive or helpful, but those reasons are all bad.

So, why in the name of Great Odin's Beard these controls are no longer in the default view is just flabbergasting to me. This may be a minor point, but it is still really sloppy user experience for a product that I spend hundreds of hours using, per year. If it is confusing to me (and it was), I can only imagine how less savvy internet users will react when this change percolates through to their inboxes.


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