First Post

Hi everyone.

I'm going to take this opportunity to say a few things:

1. The hardest part of doing something is getting started. That in mind, rather than announce my blog with any fanfare or time it to coincide with a particular news story that I may have some valuable commentary on, I am just going to kick it off.

2. This is me.

3. Absolutely none of the opinions expressed in this blog represent the opinions of any of my clients, employers, or educational institutions, present or former, and all opinions expressed herein are my own, unless clearly specified otherwise. Additionally, all information on this site is precisely that -- an opinion.

4. Absolutely nothing on this blog constitutes legal advice, nor is it a substitute for legal advice. I am not your lawyer. If you have a legal question, you need to consult a lawyer licensed to practice in your area.

So, all that in mind, enjoy.


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